Christopher Smith Announces 'Earning Keep' LP, Shares New Single

Christopher Smith Announces 'Earning Keep' LP, Shares New Single
Having originally established himself as a visual artist, Vancouver's Christopher Smith has now shifted his focus to songwriting, and on August 28 he will release the sophomore album Earning Keep through Boompa.

According to a press release, this latest long-player finds Smith "expanding upon his musical palette with more diverse instrumentation and expansive atmospherics." This apparently means lush, band-oriented pieces, in addition to "sparse, minimal piano ballads and harsher, stark noise."

The album was recorded partly at Mushroom Studios, as well as at the studio of Todd Simko, who tragically passed away this April.

For a hint at what Earning Keep has in store, scroll past the tracklist to hear a bloopy remix of album track "Pillars and Pyre" by Andy Dixon, a fellow Vancouverite who also crosses over between music and visual art. You can listen to the low-key original version as well over here on Bandcamp.

Earning Keep:

1. Settling Pitch
2. Knives and Sickles
3. Pillars and Pyre
4. Young Curmudgeon
5. Pins on a Line
6. Earning Keep
7. Bitch and Moan Beautiful English
8. Chapped Lips of the Mouth Breather
9. The Meat and the Marrow
10. Gang of Pricks
11. Old Testament Violence
12. Samson
13. New West (ft. JP Carter)
14. No Light Could Pass Through Me So I Have a Shadow