Christmas Decorations Model 91

The name Christmas Decorations supplies ideal imagery for the music they create. It is a sort of super-melodic experiment with amateur scientific instruments, with the intent to grab the listener with the actual sounds and not a solid structure. Operating the various instruments, like guitars, basses and basic programming gear, the duo (Steve Silverstein and Nick Forte) make their music sound like the mix of a massive movie soundtrack in progress, with certain tracks muted and the rest in a "background" sort of manner that is drenched with effects and the listener has to fill in the rest. Not only do the sounds appear as if they could be decorative items that could hang on a tree or in a window, but the music also takes that approach as to what could be under that tree - bizarre locomotives and other electronic equipment - and then takes it a step further and you hear those items being used to make music. And outside that window is a vast amount of space that the music echoes infinitely into, and the charm of this duo's craft comes from there, which is everywhere. (Kranky)