Christian Scott Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

Grammy-nominated trumpeter and composer Christian Scott has received much acclaim in his relatively short career. Yesterday You Said Tomorrow, with its '60s-inspired theme and sound, solidifies his place amongst the jazz greats of yesteryear. A truly gifted player and songwriter, Scott's compositions stray beyond jazz, including elements of hip-hop, alternative rock and R&B. On Yesterday, his quintet cover Thom Yorke's "The Eraser," proving that Scott has his eyes and ears looking and listening in many directions. Yet Scott continuously looks back on the '60s, often focusing on the decade's social upheaval ― tracks like "Angola, LA & the 13th Amendment" and "American't" serve as solemn reminders of America's not so distant past. Emotive guitar work from Matthew Stevens and a solid rhythmic bedrock, courtesy of Milton Fletcher, Kris Funn and Jamire Williams, heighten the emotional impact of the stories told by Scott's whispering trumpet tone. (Concord Jazz)