Chris Velan "Hang on Tightly" (video)

Chris Velan 'Hang on Tightly' (video)
If you go hiking through the wilderness, be sure to bring a sturdy pair of shoes. Montreal singer-songwriter Chris Velan apparently paid the price for not following this piece of advice when shooting the video for his new single, "Hang on Tightly."

The song is a stripped-down, reflective ukulele number. The accompanying video shows Velan's bare feet as he trudges through the forest, marches through streams and sprints across fields. We also see him diving down into water, but for the most part, his bare feet take a beating.

Velan said in a statement, "This is the first video I've ever shot and edited. It's for a song from my latest album, The Long Goodbye. I filmed it on a GoPro over the course of one day and edited it over the course of one night. But it took at least a week after the shoot for my feet to fully heal and for me to be able to walk without limping."

His fifth album, The Long Goodbye, is out today (July 23) on NewSong Recordinds.