Chris Field All The Drugs In The World

Toronto's Chris Field is a man out to match his influences. Giving obvious nods to the likes of Bob Dylan, Syd Barrett and the Rolling Stones, Field takes the best elements from these musical acts to create his dynamic brand of psych-folk-space-rock. All The Drugs In The World is only his second album, but his kindred spirit makes it seem like he's been around for decades. Using touches of electronic paraphernalia (Moog, mellotron and other keyboards) to help balance out the eras covered in his music, Field's nostalgic approach to writing music is without a doubt authentic and masterful. "Highlife" sounds as if Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band has been reunited for one last stand, and "Far Out" takes on Ziggy's persona for once last dance on Mars. All The Drugs In The World is a wonderful rock'n'roll trip through many dimensions, which finally ends where it should, in the 21st century. (Warmgun)