Chixdiggit "J Crew" on Exclaim! TV

Chixdiggit 'J Crew' on Exclaim! TV
Following reissues of Chixdiggit's two Honest Don's LPs (via Fat Wreck Chords), 2005's Pink Razors would be the next full-length to qualify. With its 10th anniversary coming up next year, it's unclear whether the band's KJ Jansen was thinking ahead when he performed its "J Crew" for Exclaim! TV or if he was just reaching into the 23 year-old band's expansive back catalog.

Regardless, the Calgary pop punk crew's frontman tenderly sings about a failed romance with a former model for J Crew, whose clothing, funnily enough, first became available in Canada the year of the band's formation. Minus a few harmonies, this performance isn't much different from the album version, at least for the first half. Where the original recording kicks up the intensity at the halfway point courtesy of a full band explosion, here Jansen just keeps pining solo over the girl who's from a different scene.

In anticipation of Pink Razors' 10th anniversary, check out the Exclaim! TV session below.

Filmed by Roberto Granados-Ocon
Audio by Nash Bussieries
Edited by Bradley Zorgdrager