Chill Out with Reviews of 'Limitless,' 'Rio' and 'Entourage: Season 7' in Our DVD Roundup

Chill Out with Reviews of 'Limitless,' 'Rio' and 'Entourage: Season 7' in Our DVD Roundup
If you're in need of some downtime and prefer to avoid the heat, why not make some popcorn, grab a cool beverage and relax with a film? Whether it's a family flick or the newest season of your favourite show, head on over to our Recently Reviewed section to read up on the newest DVD and Blu-Ray releases. Here's a taste of what you can find.

With Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro teaming up, Limitless (pictured) brings you the story of a down-on-his-luck writer who comes upon a "smart" pill that helps expand his mind as he strives for success. Check out how the DVD fares, aside from the Bradley Cooper eye candy.

Perhaps you would prefer a more traditional drama? Classic Shakespearean play The Tempest chronicles the story of an exiled Duke capable of magic, who shipwrecks a gang of men, causing chaos. If you're looking for something bloodier, then B-movie Bloodrayne: The Third Reich has you covered. The Uwe Boll-directed film sees a busty half-vampire heroine take on Nazis.

Then there's Rio bringing the family fun. As the last male of his species, domesticated blue macaw Blu journeys to Rio de Janeiro to mate with Jewel. The two set out on an unexpected adventure, exposing Blu to the life he has been missing out on.

Some recent seasons of TV shows have also hit DVD and Blu-Ray. Vincent Chase is back with another season worth of misadventures with his posse in Entourage: Season 7, and Damages: The Complete Third Season finds Glenn Close's Patty Hewes in the middle of a complicated hit-and-run situation.

Finally, the most recent release of another instalment of the cult TV series Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Vol. XXI: MST3K vs. Gamera pits Joel Hodgson's peanut gallery-style commentary against the series of films dedicated to the Giant Flying Turtle.

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