Childish Gambino "All the Shine"

Childish Gambino 'All the Shine'
As we've mentioned a few times now, comedian Donald Glover's hip-hop project, Childish Gambino, is gearing up to release his full-length debut, Camp. Leaks off the record have been slow, but today we've got album cut "All the Shine," though in demo quality.

Still, it's better than nothing, and you can check out the track below.

Sweetening the deal, we also have Camp's cover, which you can see above, and the tracklist, which is below.

UPDATE: The studio version of "All the Shine" is now out there, and you can listen to it below.

Camp is due out on November 15 via Glassnote.


1. "Outside"
2. "Fire Fly"
3. "Bonfire"
4. "All the Shine"
5. "Letter Home"
6. "Heartbeat"
7. "Backpackers"
8. "L.E.S."
9. "Hold You Down"
10. "Kids (Keep Up)"
11. "You See Me"
12. "Sunrise"
13. "That Power"

Childish Gambino "All The Shine" (Official LP Version) by okayplayer