Sinéad O'Connor Calls Reported Suicide Threat "Bullshit"

Sinéad O'Connor Calls Reported Suicide Threat 'Bullshit'
Sinéad O'Connor is once again missing in Chicago, with police searching for the singer after receiving reports that she has threatened to harm herself.

As TMZ reports, Chicago police were called by Irish authorities after they said O'Connor had called her family in Ireland, saying she was suicidal and planning to jump off a bridge in the Chicago area.

As of press time, police have yet to locate O'Connor.

UPDATE (6/24, 7:30 a.m. EDT): O'Connor took to Facebook to share her reactions to the Brexit vote, confirming her personal safety as an afterthought. "Oh and by the way it's bullshit I jumped off a bridge," she wrote. "Some stupid bitch up at Swords Garda station decided she'd like to throw a bit of false and malicious gossip about is all."

The news of the search follows an incident in May when the singer went missing. She was eventually found and hospitalized.