Check Out Reviews of The White Ribbon, The Informant!, Good Hair and More in Exclaim!'s TIFF-Heavy Film Round-Up

Check Out Reviews of <i>The White Ribbon</i>, <i>The Informant!</i>, <i>Good Hair</i> and More in Exclaim!'s TIFF-Heavy Film Round-Up
In case you haven't yet walked across (or down) a red carpet, been squeezed between lanyard-wearing officials, or been stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic in Toronto, let Exclaim! be the first to tell you that TIFF is in full swing. Whether to catch up on what's played so far or to revisit your festival faves, be sure to check out Exclaim!'s TIFF reviews this weekend.

This week's recommended film is The White Ribbon, the latest from Austria's great spelunker of the human psyche, Michael Haneke. The film is a portrait of the wickedness of humanity, hidden behind facades and social niceties.

Matt Damon wins hearts as an unlikely hero in the humourous whistle-blower The Informant!, Steven Soderbergh's take on the true story of a man who ratted out his employer. Director Jon Amiel's Creation is similarly based on events from the real world: notably, the life of Charles Darwin as he set about documenting the research that was to become the earth-shattering On the Origin of Species.

Taking on social, beauty and racial issues is director Jeff Stilson, whose documentary Good Hair follows comedian Chris Rock through a light-hearted but serious-minded journey through the African American hair industry. Quirky comedy The Trotsky features the perennially charming Jay Baruchel as a young man convinced he's the reincarnation of socialist leader Leon Trotsky. And equally hope-inspiring is Partir, a pseudo-feminist love story directed by Catherine Corsini in which lead actress Kristin Scott Thomas leaves her bourgeois life to escape to Spain.

One more worth seeing is the non-TIFF flick Love Happens, a tale about the redemptive nature of love featuring both Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston. Brandon Camp directs.

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