Cheap Suits One Giant Leap

A little less ska this time around, Peterborough, ON’s Cheap Suits retain all the pop sensibility their past work had with One Giant Leap, a more pop punk affair than 2003’s Canadian Idles. Despite championing themselves as a ska band, these boys draw more from the soulful croon of Otis Redding than the pun-loving world of third-wave ska. Still tossing around the upstrokes and Hammond organs like ska bands are wont to do, the band really shine on songs like "Sing the Blues,” which doesn’t seek to be anything besides a great rock’n’roll song. Elsewhere on the disc, the band really up the punk factor, all the while anchored by Chris Collins’s powerful, Motown-inspired vocals. With the emphasis on the pop side of the pop punk coin the whole time, the band somehow manage to keep radio-ready tracks like "One Small Step” from sounding like a pandering attempt at mainstream success, and instead infuse them with a vitality that makes you believe everything they have to say. (MapleMusic)