Charm City Devils Let's Rock-N-Roll

Pilfering from the simplicity and straight-up groove of AC/DC and early Aerosmith, Charm City Devils feel like another hanger-on in the current no-frills rock'n'roll sub-genre inhabited by the likes of Airbourne. While there's something modestly refreshing in the quintet's upbeat, enthusiastic approach to a well-worn rut, the overbearing way in which they struggle to establish a "party atmosphere" around themselves feels so affected that it only serves to detract from their overall intent. It's reminiscent of how hair bands like Faster Pussycat always strove to remain slightly leftfield of cohorts like Mötley Crüe and Poison — that stance gave them a moderate advantage at the time but now, with little substance to their output, they're beating dead horses. While this is only Charm City Devils' debut, that horse is already plodding towards its death breath. (Eleven Seven)