The Chap Get Set for Well Done Europe

The Chap Get Set for <i>Well Done Europe</i>
Quirky British electronic pop outfit the Chap have announced their fourth studio LP, to be cheekily titled Well Done Europe.

The album will drop May 24 in the UK courtesy of Lo Recordings, and will mark the first new recorded material by the band since 2008's "mini-album" Builder's Brew.

The quintet, which split time between London and Berlin, have provided fans with a three-and-a-half-minute album sampler here. "We time-compressed the entire album into 3 minutes and 30 seconds," explained drummer/vocalist Keith Duncan. "It's the future of music consumption. All the emotional gain without the investment of time."

The Chap are even offering up the album's lyrics in a similarly compressed fashion.

There's no word yet of a confirmed North American release date, but we do have the tracklisting.

Well Done Europe:

1. "We'll See To Your Breakdown"
2. "Even Your Friend"
3. "We Work In Bars"
4. "Obviously"
5. "Gimme Legs"
6. "Well Done You"
7. "Nevertheless, The Chap"
8. "Pain Fan"
9. "Torpor"
10. "Maroccan Nights"
11. "Few Horoscope"
12. "Chalet Chalet"