​Chance the Rapper Reveals Details of His 'Coloring Book' Deal with Apple Music

​Chance the Rapper Reveals Details of His 'Coloring Book' Deal with Apple Music
Photo: Rick Clifford
Chance the Rapper earned himself a reputation as the champion of independent rap with the release of the much-lauded Coloring Book last year, though an initial Apple Music exclusive on the mixtape has some calling into question the authenticity of that so-called independence.
Now, the Chicago hip-hop prodigy has taken to Twitter to share the specific details of that Apple Music agreement. He's revealed that the extent of his Apple contract consisted of $500,000 USD and a commercial, in exchange for a two-week exclusive streaming period. Chance justified the decision to his followers, explaining that "I needed the money" and that the Apple Music folks are "good people."
He goes on to tout the importance of artists remaining "in control of their own product" and maintaining "integrity," but says as long as they can do that, there's no reason they shouldn't turn down lucrative opportunities.
The revelation comes following reports earlier this week that Chance the Rapper might actually put his official debut album up for sale when it arrives. He told Complex:
Opening the scope. I think I might actually sell this album. That's, like, a big step in itself. I kind of hate the fact that I can't chart, really. I can chart, but the way they have the streaming shit set up is weak as fuck. It's unfair. 1,500 streams is the equivalent to one [album sale], and that's just that's unfair. Nobody listens to their songs [1,500] times when they buy it—fuck outta here! So, it makes it hard. I can't really compete with other people. Not that the charts matters at all, but like, come on. Anyways, I think having it for purchase would be dope. Also, this is all hypothetical. There is no album. I can feel fans squirming in their chair, like, "Oh shit, he's changing!" This is an idea.
Read the rapper's full string of tweets below.