Chance the Rapper & Noname Gypsy "Israel (Sparring)"

Chance the Rapper & Noname Gypsy 'Israel (Sparring)'
Chance the Rapper just teamed up with Lil B for a freestyles album, but now Chance is working with a different collaborative partner. This time, the Chicago sensation has linked up with hometown hip-hop peer Noname Gypsy for a song called "Israel (Sparring)."

The mellow track sports a slow, slinky beat. Chance's delivery is laid back but deceptively complex, as his lyrics are filled with complex internal rhymes and wordplay. He shares the mic with Noname Gypsy, but rather than taking separate verses, Chance's duet partner unexpectedly takes over mid-line. Their delivery becomes more loose and energetic in final passage, bringing the track to a playful end.

This isn't the first time Chance and Noname have teamed up, as the latter appeared on the former's Acid Rap track "Lost." She was also on the recent Social Experiment album Surf.

Hear their latest team-up below.