Chance the Rapper "No Better Blues"

Chance the Rapper 'No Better Blues'
The good news for Chance the Rapper fans is that the Chicago MC has just delivered a new song. The bad news is that, well, the sometimes-squeaking spitter has apparently got a case of the "No Better Blues."

After delivering a tuneful but defeated croon of "it don't get no better," he begins to weigh in on a laundry list of things he hates, from his wife and job to the sun in the sky, war, the poor and the news. As the downtempo, Guaraldi-esque piano lines flutter in the background, he goes on to seethe against racists, crowds, money, tragedies and "virtually all vegetables."

You may want to take his hatred of all things with a grain of salt, but you can get a better idea of what's bumming Chance out these days by giving "No Better Blues" a stream via the player down below.