Chad VanGaalen 'Cassette Tape Series' (sampler)

Chad VanGaalen 'Cassette Tape Series' (sampler)
As recently reported, much-loved Calgary eccentric Chad VanGaalen has unveiled a massive lot of new music. On his ongoing Canadian tour, the songwriter has been selling a pile of new albums as limited-edition cassettes. So far VanGaalen has rolled out eight of the new records from a project he's dubbed the Cassette Tape Series, and to give us an idea what sort of material they include, label Flemish Eye has put together a sampler.

In the SoundCloud player below, you can listen the tracks from all eight releases. Also, over here, you can see all the covers for the cassettes.

Here's what the press release has to say about the releases:

The albums represent different facets of Chad's fascination with sound, both as a songwriter and as an experimentalist. Garbage Island 1&2 are two cassettes of b-sides, loaded with lovely gems that didn't make the cut for Chad's new album Diaper Island. An album of analogue synth under Chad's electronic moniker Black Mold alternates between horrifying noise and glitchy mayhem. Dub Tassles and Raw Operator are both loaded with analogue beat-driven face-melters, Parsa is heavy on the synth with acoustic drums, and Inventions of Science... well, you'll just have to give that one a listen yourself.

Like we said, for now these releases are only available at the merch table, but they are also expected to eventually go on sale via the Flemish Eye website.

For now, have a listen below and see VanGaalen's remaining Canadian tour dates here.

Chad VanGaalen Tape Collection by FlemishEye