Cesar Comanche Squirrel and the Aces

While Little Brother are easily the most well-known members of the North Carolina based Justus League crew, Cesar Comanche is definitely a member who deserves to get more notice. After all, it was he who along with the crew’s much heralded in-house producer 9th Wonder who founded the crew in the first place. Hooking up with the Left Coast independent heavyweight ABB Records for his third album, Comanche has crafted an impressive record. Bolstered by impeccable production from the aforementioned 9th Wonder as well as the underrated Khrysis for the most part, Cesar Comanche’s charisma fuels the record. His lucid, sincere style meshes well with the top-notch production and with the various guest MCs who are obviously carefully selected depending on the mood of the topic at hand. While many of these guests are from the Justus League, there are some notable cameos from outside the crew. "The Grind” with fellow North Carolina native Supastition scores points for its gritty vibe that belies the usual soulful sheen attributed to Justus League productions. While "Up and Down” features Toronto’s Eternia reminiscing on being a homeless teenager in an unforgiving Canadian winter, Comanche preaches perseverance. It’s this dogged determination, despite the number of guests and collaborators present, that really shines through on this fine effort. (ABB)