Celebrate the Weekend with 'J. Edgar,' 'Immortals' and 'Jack and Jill' in Our Film Roundup

Celebrate the Weekend with 'J. Edgar,' 'Immortals' and 'Jack and Jill' in Our Film Roundup
This week offers another round of new releases at the box office and Exclaim! is here to help you decide what's worth checking out on the big screen. Read full reviews of the following highlights in our Recently Reviewed section.

First up is Clint Eastwood's latest directorial effort J. Edgar (pictured), which breathes a dose of humanity into the titular FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover (Leonardo DiCaprio). Despite Edgar maintaining a reputation as a blackmailing, paranoid communist hunter, Eastwood manages to elicit sympathy through the relationship with his right-hand man Clyde Tolson (Armie Hammer). The screenplay was written by Dustin Lance Black (Milk) and the flick features supporting performances from Naomi Watts and Judy Dench.

Immortals offers a visually stunning new take on the mythological action movie, delivering a gorgeous cinematic interpretation, if lacking intelligent dialogue, of the story of Theseus. Battles between gods and men provide plenty of gore, while retaining good use of 3D technology to celebrate the artfulness of ancient Greece.

Also out this week is Margin Call, a film about corporate America, and Adam Sandler's latest Jack and Jill, which stars Sandler as both a happy family man and his visiting "hygienically deficient" sister in a slapstick comedy.

Then there's Lech Majewski's The Mill and the Cross, which we call a "mesmerizing work of calculated, astute cinematography and tableau" that recounts the creation of Bruegel's "The Procession to Calvary," from within the painting itself. And finally, Lars von Trier's Melancholia juxtaposes wedding day anxiety with end-of-the-world paranoia to provide sharp insight into the realities of depression.

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