Cekary "Wild Things"

Cekary 'Wild Things'
Brooklyn-based rap upstart Cekary recently dropped his second EP All Sinners, and Exclaim! is pleased to premiere the release's latest single, "Wild Things."
In addition to making music, Cekary has been studying it — he's currently completing a music industry-related degree in Florida, but it hasn't sapped him of his creative drive. Blending his hometown's rich hip-hop history with a modern sound, Cekary's natural penchant for music-making and mixed influences shines through on "Wild Things."
It's a slow-burning, brooding track built around a synth-based beat and Cekary's vivid rhymes, which depict scenes of romantic temptation and police chases, blurring the past and present into a swirling, enigmatic narrative. It was produced by Nova and appears on All Sinners, which is out now.
Give "Wild Things" a spin in the player below.