caUSE co-MOTION! Because Because Because

Following last year's first-rate single comp It's Time!, Brooklyn's Cause Co-Motion! are again avoiding a proper studio album with the 12-inch EP Because Because Because. Made up of six tracks and a brief ten minutes, the release doesn't exactly find the Slumberland lads revamping their scrappy, crash-y lo-fi pop formula, but there are a few noticeable changes. Mainly, the foursome slow things down a bit, calming their old breakneck speed to give these songs some breathing room. And while that may have something to do with new boardsman Gary Olson (the Ladybug Transistor) producing this one, it does let the reverb-drenched jangle soak in a bit more. That said, Cause Co-Motion! still make a racket on this EP, and it also marks quite the milestone: the song "You Lose" is the band's first to ever break the two-minute mark — but only by about five seconds. (Slumberland)