Caspian "Slang" (video)

Caspian 'Slang' (video)
Vancouver rappers Caspian and Snak the Ripper went on tour in Europe back in February, and they chronicled their journeys with a video for the former's track "Slang."

In the black and white clip directed by Snak, Caspian delivers aggressive braggadocio in public places while the locals gawk at him. Depending on whether those folks on the train speak English, they might have been rather shocked to hear him growl, "Wipe my ass with a hundred when I'm taking a dump."

Caspian said in a statement, ''We shot this video on a GoPro Camera for the fuck of it when we were out in Germany last month. We wanted to capture people's reactions while I was rapping in public places. At one point an old lady got so excited I thought she was about to start twerking. The message in the song is simple: I'm trying to get paid. So if this rap shit ain't cuttin it you can find me on the block doing the only other thing I know how to do... SLANG.''

This song comes from the album Felix Slang on Stealth Bomb Records. Watch it below.