Casper Skulls "Devotion"

Casper Skulls 'Devotion'
Coming off of their self-released "King of Gold" 7-inch from 2015, Casper Skulls have announced their next step is an EP release through Buzz Records. The Toronto indie rock unit's Lips and Skull drops near the end of October, but you can hear slammed-out first single "Devotion" right now.

The cut is delivered with a propulsive post-punk wallop, a steady assault of drums and distorted guitars. Above this, Neil Bednis and Melanie St-Pierre take turns on the microphone, their howled or whispered lines inspecting various levels of dedication.

"The song traces devotion from its most humble form (devotion to a sports team or a coffee shop) all the way to an American state's devotion to follow through with capital punishment," Bednis told FADER. "I meant to explore the beauty of being devoted to something but also what devotion could look like when it is driven by ego, ignorance or hatred."

You can sample the track below. The five-song Lips and Skull was recorded earlier this year with Josh Korody (Dilly Dally, Fucked Up, Beliefs) and Greys' Shehzaad Jiwani. It lands October 28.