Casey Veggies "She In My Car" (ft. Dom Kennedy) (video)

Casey Veggies 'She In My Car' (ft. Dom Kennedy) (video)
Despite how whip-centric the hook is on Casey Veggies' "She In My Car," there's not much road action to be seen in the new video for the Life Changes track.

To be fair, the Inglewood MC pantomimes driving a car all throughout the video, but he actually spends most of his time delivering rhymes from a bubble bath while being massaged by a pair of sexy maids, or chilling on the couch with a passed-out pooch. Guest rapper Dom Kennedy likewise spits his verse from a living room scenario, while the two also clown out on an old school NES session.

The video gets on topic late in the game, but you'll have to peep the results down below.