Carl Cox/Various Global

So what do you do when you're the world's number one DJ and the world turns to trance? Well, if you're Carl Cox, then you just keep on dropping hard-ass techno until the world wakes back up. Despite ditching Moonshine for a major label on his latest mix CD Global, Cox doesn't make the kind of concessions to a progressive-happy public one might have expected, delivering instead an expertly mixed set of techno and tech-house bangers by the likes of Angel Moraes, Oxia and Montreal's finest, Tiga and Mateo. Offering up signs that his upcoming artist album, dropping sometime this fall, may just be worth the wait, one of the best tracks is his "Dirty Bass," a mean yet melodic excursion. Fans, however, should keep an eye out for the original double-disc mix, available as an import, which provides a little more space to build his set. (Warner)