Canadian Music More Popular Than Ever Overseas, According to SOCAN Report

Canadian Music More Popular Than Ever Overseas, According to SOCAN Report
Think that Canadian music is awesome? You're not the only one. Statistics gathered by SOCAN suggest that music from our country has been steadily growing more popular overseas in recent years.

Back in 2007, SOCAN members earned $39 million from international royalties. That number swelled to $47 million by 2012, with an increase of 21 percent in the past year. Furthermore, the total number of SOCAN members who received international royalties doubled in that period, reaching 20,425 by 2012.

In other words — increased international attention means that more money is being distributed to more Canadian musicians.

SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste said in a statement, "The growth in international royalties underscores the increasing popularity of Canadian music, where we continue to formulate relationships and introduce policies beyond our borders to improve fair licensing of music for use in business. Some of Canada's strongest opportunities lie abroad and SOCAN continues to foster international collective management relationships that benefit our members, the music industry, and the Canadian economy overall."

The biggest chunk of international earnings comes from Europe, but revenue collections have doubled in Asia-Pacific and South America.

Check out the world map above to see how much Canadian earnings have increased throughout the world in the last few years.