Camper Van Beethoven Return with 'El Camino Real' Album

Camper Van Beethoven Return with 'El Camino Real' Album
After last year's La Costa Perdida and subsequent deluxe reissues of classic material, it'd be understandable if seminal indie act Camper Van Beethoven wanted to take some time off. Instead, however, they've returned with a brand new album.

Called El Camino Real, the new release marks their ninth full-length album. The album features 11 new songs from the group, and it's being touted as a companion album to La Costa Perdida.

That's not to say they're similar. As a press release explains, "Whereas La Costa Perdida reflected the northern California 'back to the country' side of the band with lush and trippy references to Jack Keruac, Richard Brautigan, The Beach Boys and 'Big Sur', the songs on El Camino Real are firmly rooted in a grittier earth. One that lies beneath the southern half of the state and stretches all the way down to Baja California."

Frontman David Lowery explained that "the best way to look at the new album is to draw a contrast between the two. On La Costa Perdida the ocean is calm, benevolent and feminine; on El Camino Real, the sea is filled with darkness, secrets and chemicals."

El Camino Real will be available on June 3 via 429 Records.

El Camino Real:

1. The Ultimate Solution
2. It Was Like That When We Got Here
3. Classy Dames and Able Gents
4. Camp Pendleton
5. Dockweiler Beach
6. Sugartown
7. I Live in LA
8. Out Like a Lion
9. Goldbase
10. Darken Your Door
11. Grasshopper