Cam Honeymoon

French label Chronowax has launched a new series of compilations that takes you through the beauty of music. The series has started with one of France's finest exports, DJ Cam. There's always been this sappy and romantic side to the French DJ, and sadly it's this version of the beat-maker that is thrown upon us. Cam has selected a variety of slinky hip-hop, as well as a couple doses of extravagant jazz and blissful funk, but he's not mixed any of these tracks. This is just a selection of cuts that Cam finds beautiful and there's no sign of why his name should even be on the recording, because there's no manipulation or blending whatsoever. A disappointment for anyone looking for something to tide them over until a proper DJ Cam release comes our way. Still, take away the DJ's association and we're left with an impressive track-listing, including the wonderful "Loran's Dance," by Grover Washington Jr., which most will recognise as being heavily sampled by A Tribe Called Quest. Also included is a triple dose of Ninja Tune, with Coldcut's rare "Autumn Leaves" and tracks by Ty and Mr Scruff, as well as turning heads onto some lesser-known hip-hop artists such as 3582 and Yah Supreme. It truly is a shame they couldn't convince Cam to mix the tracks, otherwise Honeymoon could have been a really stunning recording. Definitely something Chronowax might want to rethink for future installments. (Chronowax)