Cadallaca Out West

"I took off my pants, I took of my shirt and I put on my dress." Look out, these cowgirls are stepping out frontier-style to shoot up your stereo. The follow-up EP to Introducing Cadallaca is four songs of frolicking fun. From the cool groovy '60s rock of "The Trouble With Public Places" to the slower, more melodic "Scarface," you can't go wrong with this release, unless, like me, you're left wanting more. The drums/organ/guitar line-up works nicely and the sparseness of the recording allows you to enjoy the power of the song as opposed to an 80-tracked guitars or massive drum sound. As much as this is a band effort, the vocals of Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker propels the songs beyond the ordinary, showcasing her control and power on one hand and the talent to be quietly heartbreaking on the other. This cowgirl is a major talent and I'm sure anything she was involved with would shine. Cadallaca are all dressed up with fun, rocking tunes and ready to go to town. (Kill Rock Stars)