A.C. Newman "I'm Not Talking" (video)

A.C. Newman 'I'm Not Talking' (video)
BC-bred popsmith A.C. Newman recently delivered an exclusive performance of Shut Down the Streets song "You Could Get Lost Here" for Exclaim! TV, but the songwriter has clearly been out on the promotional grind for his latest LP. Witness, for instance, this new video for album opener "I'm Not Talking," as performed on a fictional talk show.

After being introduced by a sleazy, slick-haired host, Newman sits on his chair awkwardly waiting to play his acoustic guitar atop some pre-roll. He lip-syncs his way through the powerfully plaintive number, including the back-up vocals, and manages to make his onstage companion tear up and sing along by song's end.

You can check it out down below.