C-Rayz Walz Presents The Angel and The Preacher

C-Rayz Walz is an NYC freestyle battle cat that has been hogging a lot of glory as a posse cut guest on a number of different albums, most noticeably Cannibal Ox's recent Cold Vein. For this project, C-Rayz (the Angel) has teamed with Toronto producer 4th Pyramid (the Preacher) for this two-song single. Both sides contain punch line-heavy semi-biographies and braggadocio, accompanied by some forced attempts at catchy hooks. With "Mood Swings," a simple but effective drum loop anchors a predictable beat that does tend to get a bit nasty during the chorus. Perhaps it's this nastiness, or maybe it's the reference to 4th Pyramid's The Light is But the Shade of the Dark instrumental album, but this is the most tolerable of the two hooks. And damn, that drum kicks. 4th Pyramid reigns in the drums for "Make it Happen," adding some bass guitar and a few other instruments buried low in the mix, creating a fuller sound. Despite a weak chorus, the B-side could be the radio play winner. It'll be interesting to hear what C-Rayz Walz and 4th Pyramid create for the next The Angel & The Preacher release, whether a full-length or just another single. Until that time, this will have to serve to tide over C-Rayz Walz fans and, hopefully, gain 4th Pyramid a few more admirers. (Sub Verse)