Burnitdowns We're Not the Things We've Done

On their second full-length, Toronto, ON's the Burnitdowns continue to merge their spectacularly energetic presence with an increasingly complex craft that allows them to explore both quieter and rougher reaches of their acoustic punk framework. Like on 2007's The Ugly One, the classic country influence is strong ― obviously so on "Omemee Woods," but in a darker and subtler way on "Low and Behold" ― that is, until it explodes into their other calling card: reckless breakneck breakdowns, plied with hard Western twang and almost-surf chord progressions. We're Not the Things We've Done picks up a considerable amount of steam towards the end, starting with 40-second banjo party "Plaid Shirts Represent!" and firing straight into "Whiskey Knights," where the band tap into a rich dynamic and melodic sense in line with aggressive pop punk that should become a definitive part of their maturing sound. Standout track "Andy Believed in Glass Mountains" hastily details poignant snapshot memories and after a repeat play-worthy country-ballad-turned-math-rock breakdown, peaks with the band screaming: "at least we have a song." It's perfectly messy and undeniably momentous as the still-young Burnitdowns rapidly approach their stride. (Rubber Factory)