Burning Image 1983-1987

Anyone who knows anything about the California punk movement of the early 1980s knows that the scene was an odd blending of fashion and music. In L.A., the scene was gritty and leather-clad while San Francisco was a little more on the artsy side of things. Somewhere in there was a goth punk movement inspired by gloomy Brits like Bauhaus and Joy Division and American bands like the Misfits. Burning Image was one of the bands that occupied the dark sub-genre that would go on to influence bands like AFI and Alkaline Trio. This collection of their work (which was previously limited to a single seven-inch) re-introduces a band that represented a look and sound that generally confused people back in the day. It's great nostalgia and surprisingly, three newly recorded tracks show the band has kept their chops in tact some 20 years later. (Alternative Tentacles)