Bunny Rabbit Lovers and Crypts

There are as many reasons to hate this as there are, I guess, to like it, though I’m not sure which are which, or which are true and which are made up. Bunny Rabbit is a pretty girl of some sort of sexy ethnicity who comes from Brooklyn. She’s an art school rapper of negligible skills who probably attended serious back-in-the-day NYC rap shows that you’ve only read about. She wears football jerseys and tutus, probably has things like strawberries and Colt 45. for dinner and likes to do cocaine with her stuffed animals. She’s either a fallen trust fund baby who likes to pretend she’s poor or she works retail and likes to pretend she’s rich. She’s a lesbian who swears a lot and writes about pussy. Her girlfriend is producer Black Cracker (aka Celena Green), who you might recognise from her Coco Rosie collabos, who delivers the only thing of any worth here: some spacey, jacked-up indie crunk beats like "Saddle Up” and "Lucky Bunny Foot.” Basically, it all comes across like the vanity project of a couple where one half is the talent and the other is the pretty muse who, with enough whining, gets to "design handbags.” (Voodoo Eros)