Buffalo Daughter I

It’s been three years since Cibo Matto’s surly, badass siblings contributed their eclectic blend of electro-tinged rock to awaiting ears, and it appears they spent that time rediscovering the "rock” part of that equation. Maybe it was the move away from the beat-influenced ambiance of their former home (the defunct Grand Royal), or maybe they found guitars to be a better tool for getting across the more personal nature, which is the overall intention of I. Whatever the reason, it seems they’re caressing those strings a bit more again. The fuzzy haze around "28 Nuts” is especially reminiscent of their early ’90s indie rock roots. Oh, don’t fret bleep-lovers, it’s not like they’ve gone all thrash metal on us or anything, there’s still the techy-pop bop and creative and diverse sampling brought to full life in "Robot Sings,” "Moog Stone” and "Discotheque du Paradis.” Perhaps their new hybrid is best highlighted in "Earth Punk Rockers,” where a blips and bloops slowly (but never jarringly) transform into a controlled, thumping and graceful guitar grind. Staying in touch with the past isn’t necessarily a reversion. In this case, by embracing their musical history and incorporating it with new sonic discoveries in order to evolve, Buffalo Daughter are doing nothing but fitting in with a forward thinking, futuristic vision that has always been theirs. (Emperor Norton)