Buff Medways Medway Wheelers

Though originally released in the UK one year ago, "Wild” Billy Childish’s third full-length with his Buff Medways finds the underground icon (a painter, poet and writer, as well as musician) continuing his highly respected songwriting ways in fine form on Medway Wheelers. A peddler in every day, working class, English life, Childish paints a vision in each track that is knee-deep in the songwriter’s vintage style of storytelling. The band throw an insistent nod to the Who’s explosive sound, primarily on "Dustbin Mod,” which begins with a hyper mock-up of legendary anthem "My Generation” before it switches gears and shifts into a drawn out R&B instrumental jam. Wolf Howard’s time keeping, on the other hand, boosts the swampy garage rock into a whole other dimension, securing "(I’m A) Lie Detector” as a dance floor-filler for those with flailing limbs. An all-around consistent and fulfilling effort his fans will eat up, Medway Wheelers is another winner for Childish to add to his massive collection of exceptional accomplishments. (Damaged Goods)