Brothers and Sisters Fortunately

Led by Texas-born siblings Will and Lily Courtney, this second full-length release continues to develop their winning combination of California country rock and AM pop, despite having toured for much of the previous year with the likes of …Trail Of Dead and the Blood Brothers. While Brothers and Sisters stick to a more traditional formula than some of their current peers, such as Fleet Foxes and Midlake, Fortunately exudes a sunny innocence that’s captivating from the start. However, it soon becomes clear that many of Will’s songs are built upon a damaged grandeur reminiscent of Jackson Browne and Warren Zevon, a facet that provides some much-needed depth in relation to the ever-present Rickenbacker jangle and slow-burning pedal steel flourishes. It all adds up to a bit of an early ’70s time warp, but one that Fortunately proves can still be a pleasant escape, especially for those who didn’t experience it the first time around. (The Calla Lily Company/Red Eye)