Britney Spears "Do You Wanna Come Over?"

Britney Spears 'Do You Wanna Come Over?'
Britney Spears is revving up for the release of her latest album Glory, and she's just teased the upcoming effort with another new single. Hot on the heels of the G-Eazy-featuring "Make Me…," Spears has unleashed a tune titled "Do You Wanna Come Over?"
It opens with the singer's love interest's grammatically incorrect whining about the "baddest" day and an uncomfortable mattress, leading to Spears's suggestive invitation: "Do you wanna come over?"
Her vocals get delivered on top of a blasting beat that's built on digitally manipulated strums of acoustic guitar, making for a bombastic, danceable ode to booty calls. Give it a listen below.
Glory is officially out on August 26 through RCA.