Brian Eno Readies New 'Panic of Looking' EP

Brian Eno Readies New 'Panic of Looking' EP
Hot on the heels of July's Drums Between the Bells LP, soundscape artist Brian Eno is offering up a new six-song follow-up. Like that album, the upcoming Panic of Looking EP partners Eno with poet Rick Holland.

A press release explains that the mini-set, compiled of extras from the Drums Between the Bells sessions, continues "the exploration of how lyric and songwriting are perceived in the post-everything era." You can get a taste of what's to come via the skittering funhouse synths and spoken word of the title track, which you can stream and/or download below.

On top of his sonic contributions to the set, Eno also provided the cover art, which you can see above.

Panic of Looking comes out on CD, vinyl and digitally November 8 via Warp Records.

Panic of Looking:

1. "in the future"

2. "not a story"

3. "panic of looking"

4. "if these footsteps"

5. "watch a single swallow in a thermal sky, and try to fit its motion, or figure why it flies"

6. "west bay"

Brian Eno and the words of Rick Holland - panic of looking by Warp Records