Brian Borcherdt Sheds Light on the Future of Holy Fuck

Brian Borcherdt Sheds Light on the Future of Holy Fuck
While Holy Fuck fans are no doubt keen to check out Total Dust, the debut album from band member Brian Borcherdt's new Dusted project, its existence begs the question: when will we get to hear a new Holy Fuck record?

"We're overdue for a record," Borcherdt says of Holy Fuck in a recent Exclaim! interview. "We keep thinking we're going to take time off legitimately. And I think we should. But offers will come in, and we take every other one, and next thing you know we have a really busy July when we were thinking of taking time off and working on a record. We will be doing a bit of recording in July, but I think we really burned ourselves out touring for six years."

In the beginning, the band tended to do a lot of improvising on stage and at soundchecks. Those live jams would often form the basis of tracks they would record for studio albums. But as the band's profile grew, expectations and pressure set in as fans came to shows expecting to hear certain songs, such as those from their last full-length, 2010's Latin.

Holy Fuck did manage to squeeze in some downtime last spring. And while Borcherdt made Total Dust during that period, the rest of the band ended up having kids, Borcherdt explains.

"One of the things that bummed me out about touring all the time is that it's hard to combine touring with creative life," he says. "Now that we've taken this break it was to allow ourselves to be creative again. But most of that creativity has been put in other directions."

As Holy Fuck enter a new phase, one where members now have responsibilities outside the group, the quartet seemingly have to learn how to operate in a more civilized manner.

"Before it was about saying yes to everything, always being busy, always on the road," says Borcherdt. "It became this big crazy thing. Now we have to have foresight."

And thankfully for fans, foresight includes a new Holy Fuck album.

After all, as Borcherdt says, "Without a record, what is there?"

As previously reported, Dusted's Total Dust is due out via Hand Drawn Dracula/Polyvinyl on July 10. You can see the project's upcoming live schedule below.

Tour dates:

7/7 Toronto, ON - Get Well Bar (Release Party) *
7/12 New York, NY - Cake Shop
7/15 Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands Gallery
7/26 Toronto, ON - The Mod Club *^
8/16 Toronto ON: Open Roof Festival

* with Cousins
^ with Chad VanGaalen