Brain Size 61 National Pinecone

National Pinecone — and Brain Size 61, for that matter — proves the need for a new television program: Metal Eye For The Rock Guy. Despite having some of the most daring, gutsy punk rock’n’roll tunes this side of the Hellacopters, this album falls victim to its own desperation for mainstream acceptance. Tracks such as "Ballad Of The Burbs,” "Head Full Of Spiders” and "Catharsis” pull heavily from punk without letting it get in the way of their Motörhead-ish tenacity. If these guys were to embrace the obvious influence of raunchy chuggers Electric Frankenstein and Supersuckers — bands that sacrifice acceptance for letting a solid four-chord riff blossom — National Pinecone would be a Can-punk dream of steamrolling grooves, snarky lyrics and upbeat tempos. The overall impact, however, is destroyed by sterility. Overproduction and a squeaky clean front make these guys feel like they’ve been washing with Comet instead of frolicking in the gutter with Red Light Rippers or Bionic — company they should devoutly keep. A little more sleaze, dirty denim and stinky leather and Brain Size 61 could fit well into the small legion of Canadian biker bar bands. (Milagro)