Brain Banger Munsoned

The unholy union of members from Louisville, KY legends Young Widows and Lords, Coliseum-esque collaboration Brain Banger bolted from the gate with a serious advantage. Debut release Yellow Belly proved this was no "side-project," but the pairing of overactive musical glands requiring additional interaction, lest these guys go postal. Intensifying the working relationship and blasting out exponentially superior results, Munsoned's 15 minutes of punk rock'n'roll-influenced metallic dirt is like setting fire to titanium and being engulfed in the vapour trails: it obliterates all in sight and earshot. Pulling from disparate sub-genres to create an unparalleled, yet familiar, sound, aspects of Sick Of It All blend with anthemic punk rock over rumbling, full-bore tunes that blur the lines between hardcore, punk rock'n'roll and a time when acts such as Shellac and Big Business were pushing music into a darkly jagged, sonically obtuse era. Bellowing, provocative and burly, Munsoned is fetchingly ingenious yet instinctively guttural. (Hawthorne Street)