Braids "Plath Heart" (live in a paintball rink)

Braids 'Plath Heart' (live in a paintball rink)
After taking on the world with their well-received debut Native Speaker earlier this year, Montreal-via-Calgary indie experimenters Braids have just released an unconventional performance video that sees them play their song "Plath Heart" smack dab in the middle of a paintball rink.

The clip, which can be streamed below, is wonderfully shot as part of the Rock Ton series from Scene 1425. Braids bring it with a top notch performance of the song, and the backdrop, normally a scene of explosive carnage, lends an empty eeriness to the whole thing.

Native Speaker is available now from Flemish Eye.

Rock Ton Paintball avec Braids (Épisode 8) from Scène 1425 on Vimeo.