Bradford Cox Says Next Atlas Sound Album Won't Be Logos, Points to New Direction

Bradford Cox Says Next Atlas Sound Album Won't Be <i>Logos</i>, Points to New Direction
This year has been a topsy turvy one for Bradford Cox. Beginning the year on a positive note with the release of Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel, his debut album under the Atlas Sound moniker, Cox has seen subsequent full-length albums (yes, plural) leak prematurely beyond his control.

Unlike the leaked Deerhunter albums - Microcastle and Weird Era Cont. - which are set for release together on October 28, Cox is now reiterating his original decision that the next Atlas Sound album, Logos, which leaked along with Weird Era back in August, will now remain simply an unfinished leak.

Speaking to Exclaim!, Cox says he'd rather just move on with Atlas Sound and into a new direction. "I don’t think I’m gonna release Logos next," he says. "I think I want to write a completely new album of fresh ideas. I’d like to do something with a Young Marble Giants or Suicide feel, but I don’t know. An album that is totally simple and minimal. I’m really gravitating away from the big, huge, lush, ambient, psychedelia, shoegazer… because I’ve definitely played that out."

You can find Logos floating around in cyberspace if you put in some effort, but in the meantime you can check out the latest Atlas Sound "virtual seven-inch" called Maybe Logic by clicking here.

Atlas Sound "Recent Bedroom"