Boy from Brazil Pointless Shoes '04

It is no small feat for one singer to sound like Elvis, Iggy Pop and Mark E. Smith on a single album. Yet Boy from Brazil, who is actually one guy from Berlin, has managed this, underpinning his songs with crunchy electronic beats. The lyrics definitely hit on the traditional rock themes of sex, drugs, partying and other forms of mayhem. To be clear, he’s in favour of all of them. For instance, on "Pocket Rocket Queen” he dons his Elvis guise to come out in support of vibrators. "Mainliners Sect” is a strung-out Iggy Pop-ish song of mindless drug debauchery. And "America” takes a trip through that country with a lazy, country western feel complete with twang-y guitar. It’s all more Aerosmith than Aphex Twin. Don’t be fooled though, it’s a refreshing change from the endless loops of trance or easy-listening poptronica. Fans of Peaches, T. Raumschmiere and other punk-ish techno should check this out. (Transsolar)