Boundary "Double-Edged Sword" (video)

Boundary 'Double-Edged Sword' (video)
Further promoting Ghislain Poirier's self-titled debut as Boundary, the electronic artist has let loose a nostalgic video clip for the album's "Double-Edged Sword."

The video is strung together using textured and blippy old home movie clips of kids climbing fences, flying high on playground swings, and playing ring around the rosie, among other activities. All of it lines up nicely with the waltzing electronic chamber music arrangement.

In a statement, Poirier had this to say about the video's origin:

For this video we went digging in the archives of Roger Poirier, 90-year-old man from Quebec, the grandfather of director Gabriel Poirier-Galarneau aka GPG. Roger Poirier was an amateur videographer from Montreal who shot his six children grow up. He began filming in the 1950s on 8mm for more than 30 years. He later made a complete transfer to VHS and gave it to each of his children. When the DVD format appeared, he transferred everything on that new medium. With the DVDs still in good shape, Gabriel Poirier-Galarneau edited this video from images of the 50s and 60s,  and played and shot them on an old television from the era. This video literally travels generations. These Images being transferred through all these mediums add an extra aura of mystery to the footage, with every transfer. Director Gabriel Poirier-Galarneau recently showed the "Double-Edged Sword" video to his grandfather. The 90 year-old man was so excited and honored that he began crying. His passion for filming and editing was indeed surviving through the ages.

You can check it all out in the player down below.

Boundary will makes its live premiere on Friday (May 31) at Montreal's MUTEK.