Born Ruffians Ready 'XTRA RUFF' EP

Born Ruffians Ready 'XTRA RUFF' EP
Coming off of the fall release of the Exclaim!-favourited RUFF, Ontario-bred indie unit Born Ruffians will now be issuing some leftover tracks from the recording sessions as the XTRA RUFF EP.

Paper Bag will offer up the four-song XTRA RUFF on April 22, either as part of a deluxe digital edition of RUFF or as the standalone digital EP. "You Loser" and "I Need Ya" may be familiar to vinyl hounds, as they first appeared last fall on a bonus 7-inch included with the deluxe vinyl edition of RUFF. The EP adds exclusive cut "It Could Be So," as well as an alternate version of "Shade to Shade."

The material was all tracked in Toronto during the recording sessions for RUFF, which had the band working alongside producer Jeff McMurrich (Jennifer Castle, the Constantines, Fucked Up).

In related news, Born Ruffians have begun a web series called B-Roll, which chronicles the band's time on the road supporting RUFF. You'll find one of the behind-the-scenes instalments below, along with the tracklisting info for XTRA RUFF.


1. I Need Ya
2. It Could Be So
3. You Loser
4. Shade To Shade (alternate version)