Boris Shed Light On "Ear-Biting" Incident

Boris Shed Light On 'Ear-Biting' Incident
As previously reported, Josh Baish, a Texas-based fan of doom/psych sludgers Boris lost his ear at a gig last October when four men attacked him in an uncharacteristic mosh pit.

Exclaim! recently spoke with Boris drummer Atsuo Mizuno, who expressed how disappointed the band were to see violence erupt during the performance. "We first heard that there was 'an ear on the floor' when we were loading out our gear after the show," he explains. "Even during the show, when I went out into the audience it was really chaotic, and after the show I thought, 'What a terrible night.'

"Sometimes I see people about to get into fights in the audience. But that night it seemed like there were audience members there just to be violent. I don’t think they were there for Boris – they would have been happy with any band.

"After we went back to the hotel we saw police and an ambulance and realized that Josh was staying at the same hotel as us," continues Atsuo. "I met him, but he was pretty 'high,' and my English isn’t that good so I really understood bits and pieces of what had happened. Plus I was beat, physically and mentally."

What wasn't originally mentioned in the report is how Atsuo himself had a run-in with one of the ear-biting instigators during the show when chaos came to the stage. "Later I pieced together more information and discovered that one of the guys who had been acting up at the show had been a problem for the local police many times before," he explains. "He was waving around a jacket and threw it onstage, hitting [guitarist] Wata. When I saw that I flipped out, jumped offstage and grabbed the guy, but the people around us pulled us apart, I went back onstage, we played some more and finally finished the show. And at some point during the show Josh, who had been trying to help out, got knocked to the ground and attacked. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened."

Boris release their umpteenth album, Smile, via Southern Lord Records on April 29.

Though nothing has been confirmed, as far as Canadian gigs go, Atsuo says, "Right now we’re planning our spring American tour, and I think we’ll be able to play a couple shows in Canada. All of us in Boris are excited about going back to Canada again."