Boris Give Early Albums Some First-Time Vinyl Treatment

Boris Give Early Albums Some First-Time Vinyl Treatment
Beloved Japanese heavy experimentalists Boris have announced that their first two albums, 1996's Absolutego and 1998's Amplifier Worship will see vinyl release for the first time ever courtesy of Southern Lord.

Both albums will be available August 31 in North America (a day earlier in Europe) and already the albums are up for pre-sale at the Southern Lord webshop.

An excited statement on the Southern Lord site reads: "Due to the enormous length of the songs as well as the originally crafted flow of the albums they were previously only available on compact disc. After much deliberation and clever editing the albums massive content was made ready for vinyl!"

The album artwork for both albums were also given "tasteful overhauls" by Southern Lord graphic wizard Stephen O'Malley.

Absolutego and Amplifier Worship will be available only in editions of 3,000, with each getting a limited-to-1,000 pressing on red and green vinyl, respectively. The coloured vinyl is available only to those who mail order from the label's website, so you might want to get on that.

Boris are currently on a Canada-friendly tour that will see them hit Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver later this month, and they recently played dates in Toronto and Montreal. Those tour dates are all here.


1. "Absolutego"  
2. "Dronevil 2"  

Amplifier Worship:

1. "Huge"
2. "Hama"
3. "Ganbow-Ki"
4. "Kuruimizu"
5. "Vomitself"