Bootlegged In Boston 1988

As is the case with the rest of Hades' legacy, Bootlegged In Boston is a rather uneventful affair. Generally known as one of the bands that straddled the line between '80s power metal and thrash, Hades were never considered to be of much consequence despite a reasonable profile in the late '80s. Put it this way: their decision to give up the ghost because following the rocky road towards success as a band was "too challenging" is telling about the originality of their music, and not the worst thing to happen to metal. This DVD delivers what it claims: a bootleg captured at the front of the stage, resulting in one crummy angle and abominable sound quality. As for extras, they follow the same path, namely a 45-minute documentary about their unremarkable existence and a video for an unnamed and horrific nu-metal-ish tune to round out this exercise in time wasting. (Cruz Del Sur)